Iconic American Landmarks – Stories Behind the Structures

Iconic American Landmarks

From the soaring Golden Gate Bridge to the famous mountain peak in Alaska, these landmarks speak volumes about the United States. Learn about the history behind some of the most iconic American landmarks and see these enduring symbols of the country for yourself! The Alamo is a Texas landmark that’s known from pop culture references … Read more

The Rise of American TV Series: A Golden Age of Entertainment

The Rise of American TV Series

When television flickered into America’s living rooms after World War II, it immediately took over as the nation’s entertainment medium. Shows such as Milton Berle’s Texaco Star Theater, I Love Lucy and Dragnet captured the imagination. But before cable networks broke from the shackles of broadcasting and began airing original works by Rod Serling, critics … Read more

Stories From the Heartland by Max Armstrong and Sarah Smarsh

Stories From the Heartland by Max Armstrong and Sarah Smarsh

With his endless curiosity and winning personality, America’s favorite farm broadcaster traveled thousands of miles on air and land. He visited farmers at kitchen tables, in their tractors and combines, and at processing plants. He even got to taste the end product at restaurants! The choice of rural definition impacts how we use data, how … Read more

Exploring the Charm of the Southern States

Exploring the Charm of the Southern States

Southern hospitality is more than just the welcoming smile from a friendly neighbor or the tasty smell of a homemade pie. It’s a lifestyle that encompasses a sense of community solidarity, ranging from sharing food with neighbors to supporting local families in need. Anthony Szczesiul explores how and why this social habit became a defining … Read more

Innovations in American Literature – From Mark Twain to Contemporary Voices

Innovations in American Literature

  The aftermath of World War II supposed a re-evaluation of human dogma and demanded new forms of representation. Artists responded with innovations in writing that reacted to the twin trends of Modernism and Realism. From the river-raft philosophizing of a Mississippi Valley boy to the “words walking without masters” filling the journey of a … Read more

The American Dream – Then and Now

The American Dream

The American Dream was once about equality, solidarity and opportunity. It’s what drove the first settlers to America to escape tyranny, religious and political persecution and poverty. It’s the vision of Horatio Alger-style individual upward social mobility. Today, the term is mostly used to describe the pursuit of wealth. Then The American dream is an … Read more

National Parks: Discovering the Natural Wonders of the USA

National Parks

From sand dunes and swamps to skyscraping mountain ranges, active volcanoes and polar tundra, National Parks: Discovering the Natural Wonders of the USA immerses young readers in the amazing biodiversity of America’s special outdoor spaces. Among the featured parks are New River Gorge, which features one of the deepest gorge rivers in the Appalachians; Mammoth … Read more

Tech Titans: A Glimpse Into Silicon Valley’s Impact

Tech Titans

The hegemony of Big Tech is stifling innovation. America’s trustbusters have a fresh insight about the business models of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple. Those insights will be discussed in this video. But first, let’s look at the impact that these titans are having on North Texas. They are empowering people to do more with … Read more

Walking Through Time in Historic Neighborhoods

Walking Through Time in Historic Neighborhoods

URI professors Kristine Bovy, Rod Mather and Catherine DeCesare use their different areas of expertise—archaeology, history and museum archival work—to approach the course. That multi-pronged approach gives students a fuller picture of the past. A historic neighborhood doesn’t necessarily have to be large. For example, a small fictional town’s entire historic district might consist of … Read more

Exploring the White House and Beyond

Exploring the White House and Beyond

After passing through security, visitors to the White House take a guided tour of the famous building. During this hourlong trek, their eyes travel from Duncan Phyfe furniture to once-in-a-lifetime distance views. Although ex-presidents lack formal constitutional status, they do hold a certain sway in the American political system. In this series, New York Times … Read more