Discipline And Rules

  • It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to ensure that their children or wards comply and conform to the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Strict action will be taken against those students founds violating the prescribed code of conduct
  • Students can avail leave only on the grounds of sickness. For any other reason, prior permission is required. A leave note from the
  • parent must follow the student’s absence.
  • Misbehaviour, indiscipline, insubordination, wilful destruction of school property and such other misconduct, is punishable according to the gravity of the situation. In such cases, decisions taken by the management shall be final.
  • Students are not permitted to bring electronic games, toys, Walkman, sports equipment, radios, headphones, beepers, pagers, or cellular phones. These will be confiscated and will only be returned to the parent.
  • Excellent attendance, punctuality, effort, and respect are required for success.
  • If a student is too ill to remain in school, a parent/guardian will be expected to pick him/her up. The student must be officially signed out at the Main Office. All school personnel have been trained to obtain strict proof of identification before releasing the child.
  • School uniforms are required for all students, Clothes should be clean and neatly pressed.Shoes should be polished daily.
  • The students should wish their teachers whenever they meet them or pass by them.
  • Be punctual and regular.
  • You should walk in queue while you leave and enter the classroom. Switch off the light and fan whenever you leave the classroom.
  • Discipline must be maintained in the classroom as well as in school campus. Don’t write anything on the walls and desks. Your books and notebooks must be covered.
  • Discuss your problems with your teachers without any hesitation.